Welcome to Club 69    
The hottest sex spot in Tallinn, Estonia
Welcome to Spa Club 69 - the first and the only one gay Sauna and Swinger Sex club in Tallinn!
Being the smallest of the Baltics does not mean that little happens here, in fact Tallinn is a very open and welcoming city. Tallinn is like a cross roads with people coming from Finland, Sweden, Latvia and Russia, to take advantage of all that is available.

There are many venues: Club 69 is one of them, being the only one gay bath and sex club in Estonia and the first in the Baltics. Opened in April 2001 it has built up a large membership and proved very popular among locals with visitors.

Designed as a place not only to enjoy a sauna but also as a meeting place, it has a fully licensed bar with friendly staff and a very relaxed atmosphere, with a lot of private space for intimate meeting and enjoing each other. Club offers a wide range of adult films, free condoms and lubricants.
The club has a good location for other gay venues around town. This makes Club 69 a popular pre-or-after-party place as it is open every day for people to enjoy it!
On weekends Spa Club 69 is the hottest "after party place" as it is open on morning till 7am or 8 am!

Come and have a look and be welcomed to join in!

To find us come around a REVAL CAFE on the corner of Pärnu mnt. and Sakala street, and come inside the yard at Sakala street 24 (Look for SAUNA sign), ring the doorbell in front of small gate!
Club 69 - The hottest place in Tallinn!